038: Ask Andi series—Trends from the Trenches

 Listen now to my podcast about adapting to today’s fast-paced change!

Folks ask us all the time as anthropologists what trends we are seeing in the field as we conduct workshops or work with clients or just talk to people. And what we’re observing is the number of business leaders struggling because they’re not adapting to the changes that are comingand in many cases, are already here. They’re fleeing from new innovations in their industry, which just won’t work. In your own business, are you fleeing or fighting or adapting? In this podcast, I show you ways you can adapt in order to help your organization grow and prosper. Don’t miss it!

In many cases, people don’t know how to evaluate new things that are coming to them, such as autonomous vehicles, laser technology, robots and sensors. (Did you know that 20 million sensors are to be installed in the next 5 years, probably sooner? And that there is a hotel in Japan almost completely run by robots?) Everywhere you look, innovative disruptive technology is transforming the way work is done. And don’t forget, another thing is transforming the way we work: a growing number of women in the workplace. They are building successful businesses with more collaboration and teamwork to create better solutions faster.

So what does all this change mean for you? Will you choose to adapt or be left behind? In this podcast, I talk about how to say yes to new ideas, because the best way to adapt is to believe you can change and that you can actually do it well. Listen in! 

In this episode, I talk about: 
  • Trends moving faster than companies, clients and suppliers can understand
  • The importance of adapting to social and technological changes rather than denying
  • How new technology like autonomous vehicles is shifting the way businesses operate
  • Sensors are becoming more prominent to create more customer-tailored experiences
  • Robots are transforming the way work is done
  • Women in the workplace are changing office culture through collaboration and creativity