032: Linda MacCracken—The New World of Patient Care


Listen now to Linda MacCracken tell us what’s next in patient care!

If you are in healthcare, or use any part of the healthcare system, you’ve got to listen to my phenomenal interview with Linda MacCracken. We examine how the entire nature of delivering healthcare is changing. If they haven’t already, caregivers must develop a patient focus, which entails really listening to and engaging with patients in order to deliver the right care for each individual. How? By teaching physicians how to be more than just great doctors. And by realizing that the Millennials of tomorrow are going to be very different (and demand very different care) than the seniors we care for today. You’ve got to hear this!

Linda Maccracken.pngWe also discuss how to improve physician rankings and how to reposition hospitals so they’re competitive in their market place. This way, more people use them and come away satisfied with their experience and quality of care.

Currently, Linda is Senior Principal at Accenture, focusing on helping payers and providers connect with customers and improve access and quality while reducing costs and increasing profits. She also teaches physician executives at Harvard University’s Masters of Management Program. Linda’s prior experience includes serving as Chief Strategy/Marketing Officer in health systems, VP Product Management at Thompson Reuters and VP Advisory Services at Truven Health Analytics. 

In this episode, Linda MacCracken and I discuss:

  • Using behavioral information for real time predictive analytics to assess people’s needs
  • Shifting consumer expectations in healthcare
  • Optimizing the experience of healthcare by viewing the patient as a partner
  • Addressing and adapting to consumers’ needs on a generational basis
  • Understanding the patient story in order to understand his/her need
  • The value in being a guest in a patient’s life to achieve loyal relationships
  • Innovation programs in universities as an asset for advancement
  • Different interaction approaches for different generations
  • Keeping an eye on the invisible competitor

Resources mentioned in this episode: