021: Ask Andi series—It’s Time For Companies To Adapt


Seventh episode of Ask Andi

Here is the 7th episode of my Ask Andi series—short 15 minute podcasts every Friday where I take a question and then offer tools, tips and strategies to help you re-think it and tackle it in new ways. In today’s episode, I talk about how everything is changing faster and faster all around us, requiring companies to adapt or be left behind. The brain hates to change so this is a real challenge, but with some help, it can change and actually come up with really great ideas!

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Trends YOU need to pay attention to
  • How businesses don’t adapt to the modern world by avoiding change
  • Evaluating new trends
  • Understanding that our brains often see the world through a negative lens
  • Examples from real lifewhat happens if companies don’t adapt
  • How robots are changing today’s landscape
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Believing you can change and actually turn things around

Resources mentioned in this episode: