Here at Simon Associates Management Consultants, we have been conducting webinars focused on key topics in Business Change Management that we wanted to share with you. The subject matter ranges from Blue Ocean Strategy® (ways to open new market space, find non-users and respond to emerging market needs) to culture change (using the OCAI to diagnose and change your culture). We have also produced several webinars on Innovation Games® ― building a culture of innovation that can take good ideas and convert them into great executions.

Each slideshow presentation has accompanying audio so you can see and hear what we discussed. Enjoy, share with your colleagues and clients, and let us know your interests and thoughts. To learn more or to inquire about how we could help your organization successfully deal with change with a workshop or training program, please contact us.


Instead of fighting change, and making it more painful than it needs to be, learn how to turn the undesirable into highly desirable processes and behaviors so that your employees actually start living the new, changed culture. Click here to view the presentation.




Instead of buying ads and email lists, or cold calling, Inbound Marketing focuses on creating high quality content that pulls prospective customers toward your website where they can learn more about how you are are the best solution for what they’re looking for. This webinar helps you understand what content pulls your buyers through the sales funnel and how you can get found online by qualified leads, instead of just hoping for them. Click here to view the presentation.




In this webinar I conducted for the real estate industry, I explain that the opportunities for innovative, explosive market growth are all around you but how do you see them? How can you add value in innovative ways for your agents, customers, and those who could be your customers? Why do some companies achieve sustained high growth in both revenues and profits compared to their less successful competitors?

The answer: Blue Ocean Strategy®

New business opportunities are waiting for you and Blue Ocean Strategy can help you find them! With Blue Ocean Strategy, you:

  • Create demand in a market space that does not exist today, where there are no direct competitors
  • Make your competition irrelevant through value innovation (not just value creation)
  • Find non-users with unmet needs
  • Re-think how to solve problems

For example, did you know that 58% of Millennials use an iPhone when shopping for a house but they find the paperwork of homebuying difficult? Here’s an unfilled need that people could really use you for. In my presentation, I show you how to look for pain points in the buyer’s journey and convert them into real value in innovative ways. Click here to view the presentation.



At the 2018 Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development Conference (SHSMD), I presented a lecture on Culture Change to healthcare marketers. This was very timely since Simon Associates Marketing Consultants has a number of healthcare clients now working on their own cultures and how to adapt them to today’s rapidly changing times.

SHSMD Culture Change



What about Higher Education and the opportunities that Blue Ocean Strategy offers them to reinvent their organizations to meet the fast-changing times? We have been doing a great deal of work with higher education institutions that are finding they must adapt to changing business environments. For the very top colleges and universities, the emphasis is on building endowments and selecting the best students. For the rest, key societal questions are being raised about the quality and cost of a college education.

In far too many cases, an institution’s viability is largely going to be determined by its ability to find new market space, repackage its programs with innovative solutions, and create demand among nonusers to choose their institution — not only for a traditional undergraduate degree but for life-long learning.

This is a perfect platform for seeking a Blue Ocean Strategy®: colleges and universities who find themselves stuck in red oceans of too much competition for too few of the same type of students. This webinar came out of a workshop that Simon Associates conducted for members of the Council of Independent Colleges. After our work with them, it became clear that “more of the same” (raising tuition) was not a strategy that was going to help their member colleges thrive. Was there a strategy that could? Perhaps a Blue Ocean?

Click here to download my presentation.