Andi Simon Ph.D. has made numerous influential and powerful keynote speeches, where she addresses a variety of issues that face large and small organizations.

Why book Andi Simon?

Andi Simon has strong presentation and motivational skills and an extensive background in anthropology, culture change, innovation, leadership development, and women’s transformation in business. She is revered as a public speaker and combines a theoretical approach with tactical and practical applications to improve corporate innovation. Sought out by many international companies and organizations, she has spoken at many different types of events.

Andi is a stellar workshop facilitator and has conducted over 500 workshops training audiences on Blue Ocean Strategy®, Culture Change, Leadership Development, Women in Business, and Innovation Games®. Her success has helped organizations thrive in understanding their business challenges and how to embrace change to prepare for future uncertainties!

Here are some of her most notable speeches:

Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business

Based on her award-winning book Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business, Andi takes a close look at the lives of eleven powerful women, including her own story. In this speech, Andi chronicles the lives and struggles of these women as they have reached new heights in their professions, in their business careers, and as leaders in industry. Listen in and hear how these women, and women everywhere are smashing old, outdated myths about women in the workplace. The stories help other women see, feel and think about themselves and their careers through a fresh lens.  Andi’s talk on this topic can help the audience, both men and women, transform these negative assumptions into the success stories that inspire women to become the best that they can be.

Some of the top audience takeaways are:

  • Listen to other women’s stories and hear how they’ve addressed challenges and roadblocks in their own lives and careers.
  • Learn the steps they’ve taken to change the course of their own journey to better themselves.
  • Gain inspiration to be able to take a step forward in your own life.

How to Embrace Change

As an internationally recognized expert in anthropology, Andi Simon is a culture change expert. Her speeches, keynotes and workshops present an engaging talk that captivates the audience, helping them choose a new path for a better future.

The format of these speeches will be customized depending on the type of engagement and the number of attendees. For remote events, Andi can effectively present her workshops via Zoom. The audience will be able to ask any questions in the structured time for discussion.

Some of the top audience takeaways are:

  • Why do people fight change and what do I do about their resistance to the unfamiliar?
  • How can I inspire others to embrace change?
  • When and how do I address those in my staff who are thwarting changes?
  • For everyone, how can you be motivated to change your life story to envision a new direction for themselves?

Blue Ocean Strategy®

It can seem impossible in today’s world to not feel some effect from the changing needs of customers and clients, especially given the rate of change. Andi presents this speech and her Blue Ocean Workshops to inspire you to rethink your strategy for today to reach the customer of tomorrow. Using the theory, methods and tools of Blue Ocean Strategy, Andi enables you to see the benefits of creating a new market space not just competing in the current one.

Some of the top audience takeaways are:

  • Learning how to open new markets to capture the customer of tomorrow.
  • Having insights presented by a trained, qualified Blue Ocean Strategist who has led over 500 workshops on this topic.
  • Be able to view your processes from a unique perspective.

Change Management is Ready for a Change

Change can be hard to envision. It can be tough to produce methods or theories on changing management styles, but if the change is needed then you must implement it. Many people don’t have any idea where to start on the path of change, but Andi Simon will have you covered with proven methods to successful organizational change.

Some of the top audience takeaways are:

  • How do you begin to embrace change?
  • Learn about the right methods to visualize a future and develop a specific way to move your organization forward towards that destination.
  • Understand the new employee and how to engage with them to design and develop a corporate culture for tomorrow.
  • Reflect on the changes in today’s business environment and become confident about how to implement new ideas and innovations.

What’s Your Organization’s Culture, and Why Do You Want to Change It?

What does organizational culture really mean? In this talk, Andi reviews how to understand and change organizational culture. You can get a thorough understanding of your own corporate culture, as well as discovering what is actually keeping you from meeting your goals.

Some of the top audience takeaways are:

  • Understand your company culture today and what you would prefer it to become for the future.
  • Discover what is keeping you from that new, preferred culture and how to overcome those roadblocks.
  • Receive hands-on tools to change your old culture and get on the path to the new one.

Andi Simon

About Andi Simon, Ph.D.

Simon is the CEO of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC). For over two decades, SAMC’s sole purpose has been to help clients thrive in changing business environments. Before forming SAMC, Andi had over 20 years of experience serving as an executive in financial and healthcare institutions. She has also been a tenured Anthropology and American Studies professor at Ramapo University in New Jersey and a Visiting Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Specializing in teaching companies to understand their challenges — from their business strategies to corporate cultures — Andi has processes and methods to help executive leadership and management embrace change and act upon their innovative ideas. She offers hands-on and virtual workshops to accelerate the transformation of observations into innovations. Her presentations have been widely featured on outlets like Forbes, The Washington Post, Good Morning America, and Thrive Global. Andi is a certified workshop facilitator for Blue Ocean Strategy® and Innovation Games®. And, she has a highly successful podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, ranked among the top 5% of global podcasts.

With two award-winning books, Andi Simon is booked worldwide for her expertise and thought-provoking, innovative methods. She tailors each experience to the audience, bonding quickly with all kinds of organizations across the globe. Andi understands the challenges the average person faces and how to help them address the “pain of change.”

See why so many organizations pick Andi Simon as their favorite speaker. Her practical and knowledgeable keynotes and speeches mark her as the type of inspirational speaker you want at your next meeting.

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