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While we strictly respect our clients’ confidentiality, those who permit us to share their stories we find to be inspiring to others and highly informational. This section is set aside to share their stories. We watch how companies discover new ways to think about their customers, non-customers and potential customers, and how they go from “stalled” to “fast-growing.” Those that allow us to share their stories help propel others to “see, feel and think” about their businesses in new and exciting ways.

Share your stories with us so we can share them with others. The value of telling each other about your own experience is how you can then tap into collective resources across different industries. If it’s difficult to draft your story, please contact us and we can draft it with you. Send your ideas to stories2share@simonassociates.net.

Here are several Stories2Share that might enable you to see how SAMC could be of help to your company or organization: