Monthly Archives: September 2017

Bob Dylan Was Right. The Times, They Are A-Changin’.

In a Hospital Impact blog, Andi Simon writes about the healthcare culture change shift from [...]

029: Ask Andi series—How Do You Change Your Culture?

Andi Simon, culture change expert, talks about culture, culture change and how to go about [...]

030: Cheryl McMillan—How To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence And Why It Matters

In this On The Brink podcast with Andi Simon, Cheryl McMillan shows you how to [...]

One Person Cannot Change a Company Culture. Just Ask Uber.

Andi Simon states in an article for that one person cannot change an ingrained, [...]

028: Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins—This Anthro Life

Andi Simon talks to Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins about how anthropology can help you [...]

027: Ask Andi series—Selling Your Story

Andi Simon talks about using Inbound Marketing, blogging, keywords and social media so you can [...]

It May Be Up To Home-Care Workers To Save The Middle Class

As more people need long-term care, Andrea Simon addresses how the US healthcare system needs [...]

026: “Work PAUSE Thrive” with Lisen Stromberg

In this podcast, Andi Simon and Lisen Stromberg discuss how, yes, working women can pause, [...]

025: Ask Andi series—Succession Planning

In this Ask Andi episode, Andi Simon talks about the importance of planning succession early [...]

How Corporate Anthropology Can Leave You Questioning Your Herd

In her interview with Tamara Kleinberg for Inside LaunchStreet, Andrea Simon discusses corporate anthropology, culture [...]