065: Tamara Kleinberg—Break Out of Your Rut and Become an Everyday Innovator

 Listen now to Tamara Kleinberg show us how to reach our 

creative potential!

In today’s podcast I am thrilled to speak with an amazing woman, Tamara Kleinberg. In her book, Think Sideways: a game-changing playbook for disruptive thinking,” Tamara brings to life exercises and ideas to harness your entrepreneurial spirit and unleash your competitive advantage—your imagination! A perfectly blended mix of insightful observations, powerful storytelling and practical tools, this book helps you reach your creative potential. Snatch it up!

Tamara Kleinbergs book-1By the end of this podcast, you’ll have learned how to kick-start your personal and professional creative juices so you can keep yourself relevant. As you will hear, Tamara teaches us that if you aren’t continually innovating and pivoting, you are on a fast path to irrelevance. To compete in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced landscape, organizations and their leaders must learn to create a culture where innovation is the norm and adaptability is the requirement, which is exactly what the speed of today’s business demands.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 7.48.47 PMFrom being a TED speaker to completing three Tough Mudder obstacle course events (and counting), Tamara’s life has been about breaking through the status quo for game-changing results. The founder of a thriving business, LaunchStreet, an online education and community platform that helps people innovate and differentiate in an oversaturated world, Tamara knows what it takes to drive growth and innovation in a constantly changing marketplace. 

As the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment, Tamara has developed the only tool that can measure people’s natural innovation strengths. The IQE delivers key insights that enable people to perform at their peak, bringing more innovative ideas to the table and becoming a high-value team member. 

When companies like Disney, General Mills and Ricoh want to up their innovation quotient, they call Tamara.

At 27, Tamara was the youngest-ever person tapped for a leadership position in a major global advertising agency, applying her innovative approach to scores of instantly recognizable products, including Cheerios, Johnsonville Sausage and Clorox. Along the way, she has run multi-million dollar businesses and launched a few of her own, learning from her successes and, most importantly, her failures. How has she done it? Listen in while she tells us.

In this podcast you’ll hear Tamara talk about:

  • How to create a culture of innovation from the inside out, where everyone participates and impacts the bottom line
  • How to unlock your greatest resource: the untapped innovative minds of your team
  • Transforming your organization into a gym of innovation where growth and measurable results are the norm
  • Overcoming the hidden barriers to innovation that are hindering results
  • How to benefit from the compounding value of daily innovation for exponential growth

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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