At Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), we are equipped to invigorate and grow your business in several ways:

New Strategies for Changing Times

Today’s changing business environments make it ever more important to re-think your business, re-direct it when necessary, and build a portfolio of new products and services into your business model. Our job is to help you take a good, fresh look at your business today and see where you might be able to take it in the near, or far, future. We believe this always begins with  business strategy—whether it is more in the “red ocean” of bloody competition or opening a new market in a “Blue Ocean®” of unmet needs.

Once we have helped you craft your business strategy and determined where you are going next, we can also work further with you to ensure the implementation of those great ideas, making sure the back-end of innovation actually takes place.

Converting Strategy into Execution

We help our clients find:

  • Blue Ocean Strategies®. We are often engaged to help craft the implementation plan with a organization’s team in order to convert a strategy into effective execution.
  • Re-branding, Integrated Marketing and Internal Branding. Once you have a new strategy, we help you adapt your branding story and integrated marketing plans. Our job is to help you articulate a brand position that your organization can “live,” believe in and communicate to targeted audiences with impact. Since new strategies often mean creating demand, not just fulfilling existing demand, we bring together a team of experts who specialize in opening new market space for you.
  • Diagnosing, Assessing and Changing a Corporate Culture. The third area that often develops out of our work with clients involves diagnosing and changing company culture so that it better matches the future requirements of the organization.

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