Monthly Archives: May 2016

Your Most Important Job: Creating Psychological Safety

SAMC Guest Blogger Cheryl McMillan talks about the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, [...]

What Fortune 500 Companies Learn From Corporate Anthropology

Major companies use ethnographic research and corporate anthropology to learn about their customers, prospective customers [...]

What Is Being Done To Help Patients Stay Safe And Get Well At Home?

Hospitals work hard to ensure patient safety in their medical facilities but what can be [...]

Thinking Innovation or Doing Innovation?

Are you thinking about innovation or are you doing it? Can corporate anthropology help your [...]

Time for a Blue Ocean Strategy® for Companies in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Companies that have been supporting the production of oil and gas are facing a crisis. [...]

3 Challenges Human Resources Directors Face When Changing Cultures

How can Human Resource Directors help change corporate culture. Corporate Anthropology and corporate anthropologists could [...]

5 Ways Twitter Turns Likes Into “Love You”s

5 Ways Twitter can help help you use your network into inbound marketing success. [...]

3 Ways Corporate Anthropology Can Improve M&A Success

Many M&A investments fail to meet their expectations because of culture. Corporate Anthropology prepares and [...]

To Capture Men, Healthcare Systems Need A Blue Ocean Strategy®

Healthcare Innovation needs the processes in Blue Ocean Strategy® so the consolidating systems can build [...]

How Do You Know Your Corporate Culture?

Companies that need business model innovation are looking at their corporate cultures. The OCAI-online can [...]