Working with Government and Not-for-Profits

Over the past decade, we have found our approach to be of value to government agencies and not-for profits. If you are in either of these industries, we’d like to share with you how corporate anthropologists and innovation consultants can be of help.

Government Agencies

Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC) is an AIMS 541-4A schedule holder. We are also a woman-owned small business. Being a 541-4A schedule holder allows us to provide services such as customized strategic marketing plans, branding initiatives, targeted marketing campaigns and all phases of market research.

Our areas of expertise are:

  1. Idea Generation and Innovation: We are  Blue Ocean Strategists® and Innovation Games® facilitators and trainers, helping more than 200 corporations and organizations deal with innovation and change.
  2. Facilitating Organizational Change: Utilizing the Organizational Cultural Assessment Instrument (OCAI) developed by the University of Michigan, we have used our own proprietary Change Map™ process to align organizational cultures in companies across multiple industry categories.
  3. Branding, Re-branding and Internal Branding: Innovation and culture change often require organizations to re-brand themselves, both internally and externally. Our expertise in ethnographic research allows us to craft branding and re-branding strategies along with the culture change that comes with internal branding.

Not-for-Profit Associations

Each not-for-profit that comes through our doors is looking for very much the same solution: “How do we change while keeping the essence of who we are intact?” We worked with the United Way of Essex and West Hudson for many months as they began the serious work of redefining their mission and vision. They knew that fundraising was shifting from employer-driven contributions to online funding. This meant that many of the things they had done before were diminishing in importance, while other ways of finding funding were still unclear and emerging.

Similarly, we worked with the YWCA of Chicago to begin to their process of re-thinking their role in the city and the people they serve. For many years, we worked with Eva’s Village in Paterson, NJ as they fed the hungry and healed the addicted. And, we worked with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic for six years as they dealt with declining attendance and rising costs.

If we might be of help to your association or government agency, please contact us.