At Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC) we work with entrepreneurs — all those people who would like to get into a business of their own while thinking of themselves as innovators. Entrepreneurs aren’t just interested in running another small business. They want to grow something innovative that opens a new market space and tackles the unmet needs of people and businesses. They see things with “fresh eyes.”

Based on our own experiences and expertise, we created a 6-Step Process to help entrepreneurs move through the stages from:

  1. Finding a big idea and creating the innovations they need to bring it to market
  2. Developing the business plan
  3. Creating and launching a “go-to-marketing” strategy
  4. Working with funders, from Family and Friends to Angel Funders to the Venture Capital firms
  5. Building a culture
  6. Growing and changing as the big idea turns into a successful business

This process is NOT industry specific but crosses many categories. It is highly engaging and allows us to bring together a team of the right people to help each entrepreneur achieve their goals, their way.

The SAMC Approach

Both Andy and Andi Simon are entrepreneurs. Andy grew his last business, Questar Assessment Inc., from a start-up to the 5th largest in the K-12 summative assessment field.

What we have developed is a multi-step process for entrepreneurs that staggers the learning process over a period of time so the experiential learning is properly aligned with the jobs to be done. We have learned that getting too far ahead of an entrepreneurial initiative is wasteful and confusing.

  • If the focus is on the development of a big idea and how to convert it into an innovative new business we support the individual and their team with thinking through the strategy to meet unmet needs or open new market space.
  • If the innovation is out the door and on its way, the entrepreneurs often need counsel on how to generate new funding and to hire and grow their staff.
  • Once there is revenue the next questions are often about margin management.
  • And there is a never-ending issue with creating demand and building customers.

As every entrepreneur knows the ideas are difficult, a strategy is essential but execution wins.

We bring our experiences as Blue Ocean Strategists® and Innovation Games® facilitators to your challenges.

You can read more about our expertise in these areas here:

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The Simon Initiative at the Skandalaris Center at Washington University in St. Louis

We have currently developed the Simon Initiative at the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Washington University in St Louis.  This initiative’s purpose is to expand diversity and interdisciplinary approaches to entrepreneurship. It was launched in the Fall of 2018 and the first HER Summit was November 3, 2018.

Some of the key premises are:

  1. To expand gender, intellectual and socioeconomic diversity and encourage interdisciplinary approaches to entrepreneurship.
  2. Provide access to capital by connecting mentors, entrepreneurs, and funders.
  3. Encouraging entrepreneurial activities across multiple sectors (liberal arts, creative arts, tech, medical devices biomedical, social, etc.)
  4. Developing a community of participants.

Let’s Talk

If you are a budding entrepreneur ready for your new business venture or one that is pondering the next phase of your business, let’s talk.