Types of Companies We Serve

Since its very beginning in 2002, SAMC has worked with a wide range of companies in many different industries, yet all with a common set of needs: to rethink their business models, re-imagine their customers and redefine their business solutions. We have successfully helped them “see, feel and think” in new ways―exactly what was needed before they could re-ignite growth.

SAMC “Business to Consumer” Challenges 

When running a business selling to consumers today, everything seems to be changing. For many of our clients, how to adapt effectively and quickly is not always clear or easy. Some of our B2C clients illustrate the pain of change they are facing today:

  • Marcal Paper―Marcal Paper is a major manufacturer of paper goods made from recycled paper. We worked with them for several years on their internal communication and branding.
  • Cabeau―A manufacturer and marketer of comfort travel pillows, Cabeau needed to build they online presence and expand their market space. This is a very “red” ocean with dozens of competitors. Our job was to develop and manage their online sales and marketing. Through creative online games on Facebook and excellent PR support, sales grew dramatically during the first year.
  • Scrubs and Beyond―A highly successful online and outlet retailer of medical scrubs, Scrubs and Beyond worked with us to see where they were going. As their online sales began to expand and challenge the viability of their retail operations and catalog business, we worked with them to evaluate their growth strategy.
  • Speakman Industries―A highly targeted shower head manufacturer that dominated the hospitality industry, Speakman wanted to grow. We helped them move from selling primarily to the hospitality industry to marketing directly to consumers.
  • Pricecare.com―Pricecare.com was an innovative online marketplace for healthcare procedures. We helped manage this start-up as it tried to enter the healthcare market-space.

SAMC “Business to Business” Challenges

Very similar problems face clients in the B2B business. Two of the most troubling were: first,  the changes to and perhaps the demise of the power of middlemen, those distributors; and second, the power of online direct-to-end-user retailing of what had always been a sale to the middleman. Here are a selection of our B2B clients and their stories to share:

  • Laclede Chain―traction chain business company that was expanding its scope of business with a new manufacturing plant in the U.S. We helped management identify new opportunities, ways to revamp their business model, and methods for using Blue Ocean Strategies® to expand into new market space.
  • Elkay Industries―fourth generation family firm in the plumbing supply business. Engaged to help launch their water hydration stations, we helped them recognize that their old solutions (water fountains) were not relevant to their customers, and that their new products (hydration stations) were highly valuable to an entirely new market space.
  • Brandt Engineering―Texas engineering firm seeking to reinvent itself for growth. We helped them rethink their growth strategy and positioned them for healthy expansion.
  • Benjamin Obdyke―manufacturer of patented roofing and house wrap products. Using Blue Ocean Strategy®, we helped them expand in innovative ways into markets which they had previously ignored.
  • Fourth Wall Events―innovative special events and event marketing company. We worked with them to re-define their business model, developing a process to prepare them for growth and a brand that captured their rising role as a leader in their field.
  • DKA Transportation Engineering―multi-specialty company in the transportation engineering industry. Their culture issues required a systematic approach suitable for the OCAI and our ChangeMap™ process.
  • GCC Cement Mexico and U.S.―well-established international cement company. GCC asked SAMC to help them change their culture. To undergo a cultural transformation requires both a vision and the time to shift the way they do things. Cross-generational issues were confounding their desire to become more innovative and collaborative, yet they had to shift their focus to be better positioned for the future.

From businesses needing a Blue Ocean Strategy®, culture change assessment or ethnographic research to better understand unmet needs among potential clients and non-clients, SAMC’s expertise ranges across a wide spectrum of industries. No matter the business sector, our specialty is helping clients “see, feel and think” with fresh eyes.  And, we are often asked to expand our scope of work to support the implementation of the changes the client envisions, helping in their re-branding efforts and new business development initiatives.

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